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I help people read others by teaching them advanced body language skills

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Audience and Lecturer

DEMNÄCHST 13.4.2024 and 1.6.2024 at BEINWIL AM SEE, SCHWEIZ


Mikroexpressionen erkennen und verstehen

Saara Huhtasaari - Beinwil am See - 13.4 2024


Entdecken Sie, wie Sie die universellen Mikroexpressionen in den Gesichtern der Menschen lesen und interpretieren lernen.

Lügen entlarven: Welche Rolle spielt die Körpersprache?

Saara Huhtasaari - Beinwil am See - 1.6.2024


Entdecken Sie Hinweise der Körpersprache um Lügen zu entlarven. Durch die Beobachtung von Gestik, Mimik und Körperhaltung kann man den Wahrheitsgehalt der Aussagen einer Person besser einschätzen.

Wo: LaVent, Dankenbergstrasse 13,

5712 Beinwil am See


Zeit: 13.30-17.30

Prize: Preis: 130fr. Frübezugspreis: 115fr bis zu 31.3.2024

(Preis beinhaltet Kaffee und Snack)

Saara Huhtasaari ist Expertin für Korpersprache und Mikroexpressionen.

Reservieren sie Ihren Platz: info at

Seminarplätze sind begrenzt (max. 25). Sichern Sie frühzeitig Ihren Platz.


Why Choose Me?

You can trust that I will go above and beyond to guide you in discovering the secrets of body language, and microexpressions while enhancing your communication skills to your benefit.


Enhanced Communication

You will learn to interpret non-verbal cues, micro-expressions, and body language positions, enabling you better to understand people's thoughts, feelings, and intentions.


Continuous Growth

You will benefit from my commitment to continuous growth, and seize new opportunities for personal and professional development.


I’m constantly seeking new ways to improve my expertise, which translates into valuable and actionable insights for you, too.


Increased Awareness

You will learn to observe and interpret subtle cues that may have previously gone unnoticed while communicating, this will empower you to make more informed decisions. 


Lasting Impact

You can expect a lasting impact on your communication skills.


My goal of fostering better understanding and connection in all aspects of life will empower you to build stronger relationships, and navigate challenging situations confidently.

How I Can Help You?

I offer a wide variety of products and services for different kinds of needs.

Hey there!

Welcome, I'm Saara Huhtasaari

Here's a bit about me...


As I was fascinated by the intricacies of human behavior during my studies in criminal psychology, I delved deeper into understanding the dynamics of deception and the influence on lying, as elucidated by Professor, Albert Vrij.


I have dedicated myself to learning and mastering the science behind behavioral analysis, body language, and micro-expressions.

My ultimate legacy is to make a lasting impact on how people communicate, fostering better understanding and connection in all aspects of life.

I strive to provide valuable and actionable insights that can truly make a difference in people's lives.

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