Saara Huhtasaari

Truth Consulting

Behaviour Analyst (Emotional skills and Credibility) Paul Ekman Associate

"Passionate, ambitious, goal oriented, eternal truth seeker and the wonderer of the human mind". 

I am available for expertise consultations, presentations and events.

My areas of expertise are:

- the concept of lying Science based, including  emotions, evaluating truthfulness and credibility from verbal and nonverbal communication

- various methods of language manipulation and their effects on people

- evaluation of voting behavior from a psychological point of view

Whether you want to know more about above mentioned subjects - I'm your go-to source.


me today to set up a meeting.


In addition, I write analytical perspectives, articles and columns on these topics by request.


- writer, Consult, Behaviour Analyst, lecture

- Author of "Valheenpaljastus 1.01", "Venyvä totuus" and "Manipuloiva kieli". 

- Behaviour Analyst,  Paul Ekman Associate, Paul Ekman International (2020)

- All face (micro and subtle expressions) Advanced Trainings, Paul Ekman group (2019)

- Msc Criminology and Criminal psychology, University of Portsmouth, England (2013)

- Psychology (60 credit units) Turku University, Finland (2007)

- Master of Adult education Helsinki University, Finland (2005)

- Teachers pedagogical studies (60 credit units), Helsinki University, Finland (2003)