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This Body Language training will reveal to you the non-verbal insights, science and skills of how you can recognize the true meaning of body language  and facial expressions.

Key Benefits:

you are able to detect up to lies you hear in conversations

See what others feel or think (without that they have to speak)

Increase your emotional intelligence

Gain a decisive advantage in negotiations

AIM of Training:

To become more conscious of body language to achieve more success as a person an co-worker. You will gain skills to evaluate truthfulness and credibility. Moreover, you will be able to see what others feel or think just by watching their non-verbal signals they cannot hide from you. This training also covers BLINK Conversation Technique, allowing you to get answers without asking questions.

Law Enforcement

Effective body language tools that will help you to:

  • Built good rapport and trust from the beginning of each conversation

  • Be able to identify the basic characteristic of a person to get more information of your client/candidate profile

  • Detect the hidden agenda of your client/candidate

  • Learn to use our BLINK Conversation Technique to know more about your clients personal opinion/emotions/needs

Use a more powerful argumentation based on observation of the body language of your client/patient

HR Specialists

A great combination of body language tools to:

  • Successfully identify a candidate profile in shorter time

  • Find out if the candidate really matches the job characteristics

  • Detect whether the candidate is saying the truth or lying about his CV

Learn to use the BLINK Conversation Technique to discover the real (and often hidden) motivations of the candidate

Tailored to  different professionals & Consumers

A tailored combination of body language tools that help you to:

  • Read other person’s facial expressions to identify hot prospects in the first 5 minutes of conversation

  • Detect what other person is hiding from you

  • Understand more the needs and expectations of your target group

  • Learn to use our BLINK Conversation Technique, which will help you to  argumentation

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The Body sspeaks volumes. When you know how to read body language, you can detect what people are really thinking.

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