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Discover the science-based lie detection. Learn to better understand voting behavior and predict who people will vote for by using BLINK-technique, and recognize language manipulation.

In my consultation I will by request address:

1. Lie Detection. I will present a model of science-based lie detection and provide tools for interpreting emotions, facial expressions, body language, voice, and verbal communication with the goal of assessing truthfulness and credibility. The participant is introduced to techniques to learn to interpret e.g. emotions, micro-expressions, body language, voice, speech style, and a general assessment of truthfulness in both verbal and non-verbal communication. The purpose is to improve a person's readiness to understand emotions and body language, as well as to expose lies.

2.Language Manipulation. I will discuss about language manipulation, media manipulation, gender-neutral language and freedom of expression and the consequences of restricting it. And the effects of all this on us.

3. Voting behavior. On the phenomena occurring during the elections, on the treatment of lying, especially before the elections, and on voting behavior from a psychological point of view. The purpose is to highlight these recurring phenomena before the election and possibly also to make a person reflect on both their own and others ’voting behavior. You will also learn to predict how people will vote for using Blink technology.

I make customized solutions for the above topics as needed. For example: - I can provide training in Blink technology

- I can give presentations on these topics for various occasions

- I can write analytical perspectives and articles and columns on these topics when requested

NOTICE! All above mentioned training and consultation is also available as Online training.

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